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Standard Footcare Services…

New Patient £40

Assessment with Treatment, first visit can take around 40-60 minutes

Follow Up £35

For clients seen within last two years, Nails cut and filed and removal of hard skin etc  Session timescale approx 20-30 minutes

Simply Nails £25

Special rate for regular pre-booked appointments.  Just nails, no skin removal.  session timescale approx 15-20 minutes

Specialist Podiatry Services…


First appointment £40

Assessment with treatment if required, first visit can take up to 40-60 minutes

Follow Ups £15-25  

monitoring/treatment, timescale approx 15-20 minutes

Ingrowing Toenails

Local Anaesthesia £65

Treatment for one toe using LA, to numb the toe and clear away ingrowing nail, includes a check up.  Additional toes in same session £10 each.  session timescale 40-60 minutes.

Nail Surgery £270

Treatment for one toe using LA, to numb the toe and clear away ingrowing nail and use phenol to prevent the nail from regrowing, includes up to 4 check ups and unlimited communication via text/whatsapp.  Additional toes in same session £25 each.  session timescale 60-90 minutes

Intuitive Foot Readings…

Sole Reading £52

An intuitive assessment of your feet, using foot reading knowledge, mind body connection awareness, reflexology skills and intuition.  This session is completely holistic, the shape of our feet and toes can tell us about our personality and in turn provide sign posts towards the best way to improve different areas of our lives.  It uses your feet to pin point issues in your life and help your move forward.

This is a great session for personal development and assisting you with living your best life.


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