Messages from the body…

Symptoms appear, if we listen to them intently we can hear the message they are trying to communicate.

🧘🏼‍♀️There is no coincidence that when I stopped letting myself eat freely yesterday, that a random tenderness appeared on the left side of my face. I’ve yet to look it up, but intuitively I just know it’s linked to my suppressed annoyance at myself for disrespected my body with ‘food’ substances the way I do, for so long.

🛑 When I stop eating the rubbish I’ve been consuming, I have to face the truth of the craziness of my actions.

📖 The best way forward is for me to stop pretending to myself that I’m ‘alright’ that I’m ‘indifferent’ to what I’ve been mindlessly consuming. To move forward I need to get clear on what I REALLY think about it all, be ridiculously honest with myself. Spit out all my thoughts and feelings. The best way to do this is to write it all down onto paper, with unwavering honesty.

✨ until I do this. The energy that is suppressed and unexpressed within thoughts, feelings and beliefs, will stay in my body getting up to mischief and creating random symptoms.

🔥 I usually grab some paper, find a quiet space and get honest with myself. Then I burn it. I burn it for two reasons

1. It helps me be completely raw and honest, knowing, no one else will ever be able to read it

2. It helps me visualise the energy being released from the paper and recycled into the ether.