Best Foot Forward and how that can be sh*t sometimes

Picking up poo 💩

And the positive vibes it can bring ✨

Yes! That is a poo bag in my, checking out how I’m doing with my #iwatch rings… Out on my walk, feeling energised about moving forward with putting a spring in my step, all about good vibes #hellyeah

Then I find a poo 💩 right in the middle of the path. Now I have many choices but I’ll condense it into two…

1. Can can walk around it, carry on down the path, with judgemental thoughts of irresponsible dog owners, who feel it’s beyond them to stoop down and pick up their dogs deposits 🤨. And all great intentions aside, the conversation is going to carry on inside my head, be it. Thinking more about the inconsiderate dog people and the many stories I can concoct in my mind, which will then dull my own vibe and take my thinking down a negative trail of thoughts!! 💩🧟‍♀️

2. I can bend down, with the poo bag I already have in hand, scoop it up and pop it in the bin. And think about all the people I have just saved from having the misfortune of stepping in someone else’s sh*t and the clear path way I create for someone to enjoy their walk down that trail, and continue on, thinking about all the positive consequences of me removing that obstacle. 💩🧚🏼‍♀️

I choose number two, and whilst down there. Spotted another pile, which I promptly popped into my bag. And carried on down the road, with happier vibes, knowing I’d made a difference for someone else that day. #payitforward #itsthelittlethings

I also acknowledged that we never really know the true story behind other people’s sh*t 💩

It could be they have a bad back. They could have had to dash off on an emergency, or simply they didn’t spot their dog doing it, and I really am kidding myself if I think I am little miss perfect at always and forever spotting my dogs drop their little love nuggets, every single time!! 🤔

#dogwalkponderings #goodvibes #energytrain 🚂 ✨

Oh and my watch barely shifted and I was starting to get frustrated that I might actually need to up my pace some more on my walks… but the poo 💩 helped lighten my mood #thankyoupoo 😆