Swapping habits #MarchintoHealth

#marchintohealth. The important thing about changes, is to do it gradually. For me, my first step to openly working on my holistic health and sharing it with you all is to work on how I feel INSIDE my body (physical well-being)

There are important things I need to take out of my diet to make me feel good on the inside.

I’ve had two months of no restrictions, which means I have just eaten junk continuously, I’m at the stage where I constantly want to bath 🛀 in an attempt to clean my insides 🙈

First things to go, by banning them, means I limit my options, which actually makes it easier for me to choose what I will eat, and keep in on the better spectrum 😆

🚫🍭 No refined sugar

🚫🥟 No gluten

🚫🐄 No cows dairy

And putting in

🙈PTSD challenge

💦 2+ bottles water a day

💤 Monitor sleep (early rise)

PTSD… because taking myself away from my desk and prioritising using my body and being in action is a massive shock to my system, one I often resist with full force. Or dive in, then a week later; go back to old habits 👩🏼‍💻 #dramaqueen

30 days of:

🌲Plank challenge

⭕️Taking my sorry arse outside -closing rings on watch

🏋🏼‍♀️ Squat challenge

🐕 Downward dog (do some stretching)

So I’ve set up some little, quick challenges to get my focus on a goal, with the plank and squat challenge. Along with closing the rings on my watch, it’s an objective target, that lets me get on with my day, but reminds me to be in action, if they are staying open.

Also from watching #queengorilla I can see that some stretching will be useful.

🧘🏼‍♀️ physical and emotional release

And 💦 because that’s always a winner and sleep, because I want to get more done with my days, and early rising makes so much more possible 🥰

If you’d like to join me with swapping some of your habits for new ones, then please continue the conversation by commenting below what you are dropping and now introducing and/or come over to Instagram and get visual – use #marchintohealth on your post.