Welcome to Sole Food Buzz

What It Stands For…

We as a nation are generally stressed, getting ill because we are flipping overwhelmed.  Because we fail to take the time to slow down and truly get to know ourselves, to understand what makes us tick and to find powerful ways to deal with issues as they arise. 

The planet is suffering for it too, buried heads in sand, walking thru life like zombies, not really caring about the long term, just trying to get thru to the end of the month as quickly and easily as possible.

The mind body connection is real, there are people with health conditions everywhere that are a result of an over the top, super fast approach to life.  A deep sense of dis-ease and over load of constant wants, needs, desires!

We pile on more and more goals and aspirations into our lives, often they are not even our own, we just choose them because we think its what’s expected of us, it becomes an identity and to step away from convention would feel uncomfortable.

What is stress:  stress is an overload on the body and mind, be it a physical overload, doing too much, putting too many intentions onto ourself, always doing what is expected of us by others. Over complicating our time on earth.

We are uncomfortable on this planet and seek happiness in what ever form we can get it.  If its a quick fix, even better!… but then we get caught in the cycle of relying on that quick fix to keep us happy, to keep the wolves of anxiety/depression from our door.  We get caught in cycles of life that we hate and rarely truly experience senses of calm, peace, joy, freedom.

We live lives the way we have been told to live them.  

Thru fear of what others may think. 

Because we have bills and debts that keep us stuck. 

Hopes and dreams and aspirations for more more more… More luxury, more things, more stuff… pull us in and have us aspiring and striving continuously, never happy with where we are, what we have, what we do.  As soon as we have one thing, its onto the next to see if THAT will be the answer. 

We rarely stop to contemplate our lives, and often when we do, its to try and fix them, work out whats wrong, or paint a picture of what we can aspire to have in order to be ‘happy’

What if there was another way.  What if we just choose how we want to feel first, concentrate on that, stay committed to that sensation and see what shows up.

Lets stop making ourselves ill, start to feel better, heal our mindsets, get deep down honest with how we feel.

Instead of keeping up with the Jones, we start being independently healthy, wealthy and wise by your own definition.

This is where Sole Food steps up.
A movement drawing attention to free spirits,
in action with THEIR hopes and dreams,
A movement encouraging people to
step away from ‘convention’,
towards a life of reinvention
What if enjoying life really is that simple
What if less, really is more
What if there is another way? different to the majority
What if you had the courage to openly follow it
What if you were to be one of the brave ones
What if you let go of caring what other people will think
For people who are…
Stepping away from the CON-vention and towards a life of their own IN-vention
Fiercely Editing their lives as they under stand it is their ultimate masterpiece
Dancing like no-body is watching
Freely Colouring Outside the Lines
Never Apologising for being F*cking Powerful
Now it the Time, This is the hour
Like-minded friends enjoying their personal power!
Boldly encouraging people to create a love affair with life and put their best foot forward.